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Ng Aik Pin 黄奕斌

Associate Group Director
CEA : R056438B

PropNex Realty Pte Ltd
Licence No : L3008022J

  • The Whitley Residences
    SeaHill Corner Terrace

    Ref No : S00132
    Asking : $3,751,555
    Type : Cluster
    Size : 3,574 sf

    District 11, For Sale
  • The Whitley Residences
    SeaHill Corner Terrace

    Ref No : S00131
    Asking : $4,499,800
    Type : Cluster
    Size : 3,832 sf

    District 11, For Sale


  • "I would like to thank Aik Pin for his unique professional and friendly service to get us a tenant for my house. He has been extremely helpful whenever there was a problem and dealt with it extremely efficiently, never hesitate to go a step further. Aik Pin has also gone above and beyond to ensure the process of handing over was smooth and stress free for us. We look forward to a long working relationship with Aik Pin. Well done with good Job!"

    Sincerely Yours,
    Mrs Goh (Owner)

  • "Mr Ng Aik Pin has been a very hardworking and accommodating agent. He tries his best at every given opportunity to secure a deal. My husband and I will definitely use him again for future purchase, sale or lease."

    Christine (Owner)

  • "If anyone is to help me sell my house, I really hope it's you cos your professionalism is impressive."

    Georgie (Owner)

  • Your professionalism is commendable.

    Violet (Buyer)

  • "...While writing I would like to say how helpful, polite and supportive our Agent, Alice and her co-broke Aik Pin have been throughout the move. Both spending hours at the Property yesterday and again today to try and get the cleaning issues resolved and to ensure that we were happy and supported. Their time and efforts were very much appreciated and have definitely made the move much less stressful than it would have been...."

    Jenny (Tenant)

  • To whom it may concern,

    I was a tenant of mount sinai for a period of 1.5 years from October 2017. During this period Aik was our primary contact for any issues incurred with the property we were renting. I found Aik to be a pleasure to deal with, responding quickly to concerns and addressing them promptly. I also found Aik to be quite trust worthy and honest and was happy to be dealing with him through out our tenancy.

    Regards, Zayaan Kahn

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